2016/8/19 - Daffodils

I was standing on very dry hard flat ground. I took a crow bar and slammed the ground and cracked the thick dry ground and then lifted up the earth in large pieces. I then noticed that other people were digging up the earth as well. Then out of the ground a tremendously dense growth of beautiful bright yellow daffodils erupted suddenly from the areas that were cracked open.

(After receiving this vision I searched online for daffodils in the Bible and found that they are called "narcissus" and are often referred to the "Rose of Sharon" and "lily of the valley." I also saw that it was related to the "crocus." See Song of Song of Solomon 2:1; Isaiah 35:1. Isaiah 35 was very interesting in regards to this vision. It says "The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Like the crocus, 2 it will burst into bloom; it will rejoice greatly and shout for joy. The glory of Lebanon will be given to it, the splendor of Carmel and Sharon; they will see the glory of the LORD, the splendor of our God.)

2016/8/15 - Beachcombing

I saw a giant hand holding a comb. The comb was brushing a sandy beach. It went back and forth several times. Then little sprouts grew into tall plants with flowers. I was dancing in the flowers. Then a little snake came up and I kicked it away. Then a giant dragon looking creature tried to swallow me. I just ripped it off of me and I didn't even seem concerned.

2016/8 - Church on Fire

I saw the church we are attending on fire. The fire was consuming the entire building. It was a perpetual fire and people were coming out of the building still glowing but not harmed by the flames.

2016/7/31 - The Banquet

I saw Jesus at a banquet table. The table was very long and there were many people seated at the table and He was at the front. We were having a wonderful time dining and enjoying each other's company. It was the most amazing dinner party I have ever been at. Then I saw a clear plastic looking dome cover our table. I could still see through the dome covering though. It became very violent and gruesome outside. It concerned me. I looked to Jesus and He appeared grieved and communicated to me without words that those outside had chosen not to come to the banquet we were having. Then the dome changed and became opaque and I could no longer even see outside.

2016/7 - Dirty Laundry

I was wearing dirty clothes and entered a room. There was a cross in the room and as I approached the cross my clothing was cleaned. I was happy that my clothes were clean and I then went back outside. When I went outside people started throwing mud at me. I was upset about this and tried to avoid having it thrown at me but my clothes became dirty again. I went back inside to the cross and laid my "dirty laundry" down. This cycle repeated until an embarrassingly large amount of laundry had grown at the foot of the cross. Finally I fell to my knees and cried out for help. Then I found myself not only given new clothes, I was bathed in light as the Spirit of God covered me completely. Then when I went outside and people started to throw mud at me it didn't affect my clothing at all. In fact, I reached out to touch them and my hands had become like bleach sticks. Where I touched them, their clothes were pure white! Then they begged me to show them where I was cleaned. I then took them to the cross!

2016/6/30 - The False Jesus

(I had a profound revelation about the verse Matthew 24:5"For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will lead many astray." I had always assumed that meant that there would be some crazy person claiming that they were the Messiah. However, the Holy Spirit showed me that it more about various churches, some of which may be very large and successful, that only teach the parts of Jesus they determine they like or want to share. They have made a "god" of their own design. I then had this vision that was convicting to me as well on this matter.)

I came up to a giant golden statue of Jesus. It was huge and grand. I thought it was Jesus so I bowed down before it. Then my eyes were opened and I realized it was not Jesus at all but just a statue of Him. Then I became so angry. With all the strength I had in me I began to attack the statue until it became a pile of rubble on the ground. Then I saw Jesus behind the statue. He was floating in the air with white garments and was glowing with light all around and He smiled at me with His arms opened towards me. I knew He was pleased that I had destroyed the false image of Him.

2016/6 - Painting With Jesus

I was standing in front of a large white canvas holding a paintbrush. I then tried to paint a picture. I am not a very good artist so I wasn't at all surprised that the painting was horrible. I then thought, "I need Jesus to help me paint. With Jesus I will paint a much better picture!" I then took Jesus' hands and overlaid them on top of mine and started to paint again. But I was upset and surprised when the picture was just as bad as before. I threw my hands down in frustration and then said, "I surrender!" At this point the most incredible thing happened. I felt the Spirit of God flowing from my feet to my head and then my hands, being directed by Him, started to paint the most amazing masterpiece. The picture even came to life on the canvas and began to sing.

2016/5 - Snakes in the Wheat

I saw the pastor of our church holding a long giant sickle. He gently waved it over the heads of the congregation. Our heads swayed like wheat blowing in the wind. There was some rustling taking place. Our pastor then walked quietly to the back of the church and then calmly opened the back door. I could not see anything leaving. (Later I was shown that snakes were slithering out the back door on the ground but I wasn't looking down so I didn't see them at first.) Out pastor came back to the front and the entire church had come closer together in a tight unified group. There was light radiating from my pastor's face. All of heaven opened up and bathed us all in great light.

2016/3/31 - Building a Wall

I visited a small group at the new church we are attending. The leader of this group felt led to go with his family to start a church plant in Thailand. During prayer I had a quick vision of him building a wall. I then saw a raven that was trying to bother him while he was building. He stopped building for a moment but then a team of builders came and helped him complete the wall.

This vision seemed so basic to me. I actually complained to God about it and said, "Shouldn't the vision be of him building a church? He is going to Thailand to build a church. A picture of a cute little church would have been nice. Why are you showing me a picture of a wall? " I sheepishly shared the vision with him, thinking it was not a very "impressive" word. However, later I was reading Ezekiel 22:30 and saw ""I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one." Then the Holy Spirit reminded me of the vision that I had seen that was not that "impressive" to me! Building a "wall" is something that pleases the Lord I am learning.

I was then given another vision of our pastor at Southland's church. He was building a wall too. Many of us in the congregation were bringing bricks to him as well. The wall became a mighty tower.

2016/3/30 - Stop to Help?

I was walking down a street and I was holding on the back of Jesus' garment. I felt like a little child in that I was having a hard time keeping up with Him. He was moving very quickly. I noticed people on the sides of the street that were injured and I stopped to attend them but then Jesus was out of sight. I was faced with a dilemma. Do I stay with the people that are injured or do I keep up with Jesus? He was getting to far out of sight but then I saw I had skates so I put them on and then was able to catch up to Him. Then He lifted me up and we took off in the air.

(I pondered this vision for a while. It concerned me that what seemed like compassion for those injured on the side of the road was not something Jesus desired from me. Later I was reading this in Isaiah 31:3 When the LORD stretches out his hand, those who help will stumble, those who are helped will fall; all will perish together." I take this as a warning that I must keep my eyes on Jesus and take directions from Him always. The only compassion He desires is what He gives. Otherwise I am operating out of my own determination of what is "good" and this is not obedience and I will stumble and fall if I disobey Him.)

2016/3 - The New Plants

I had a vision of the sanctuary of the church we are attending. Instead of chairs there was a long garden that ran across the room. Some members of the church appeared to be tending this long garden. They were watering the plants. It looked like nice even patches of grass were growing, uniform and green and healthy. There were some patches of dirt with no plants and then I saw some small plants begin to sprout. The people tending the garden didn't know what these new plants were and they quickly plucked them out in order to keep the garden neat and uniform and continued to water the rest of the plants. This happened several times. Our pastor was walking near the garden and then he saw a member pluck the new growth out of the garden. This really concerned him and he seemed upset. He then took some fencing to put it around the new growth. Suddenly the new plants grew so big and tall. These plants were bigger than the rest of the garden and reached the ceiling of the sanctuary. The pastor was rejoicing. Then the other plants grew too until they reached the ceiling and the entire sanctuary was filled with huge growth of green plants.

2016/2/28 - Strike the Sheep and They Will Scatter

I saw Jesus holding the largest sword I have ever seen. It was a beautiful sword and glistened with gold and silver in the light. Jesus looked grieved as He looked at me. Then He took the sword and struck a map of the USA. He struck close to Texas. Then I saw hundreds of fat little sheep scattered throughout the map. They looked frantic and didn't know which way to go but then they came together in small little groups all over the map. They were no longer fat little sheep but skinny sheep. Then I read Zechariah 13:7:

“Awake, sword, against my shepherd,

against the man who is close to me!”

declares the Lord Almighty.

“Strike the shepherd,

and the sheep will be scattered,

and I will turn my hand against the little ones."

2016/2/20 - Walking Along the Path

I was walking along a dirt path and I was wearing worn out rags and I was holding a wooden walking stick. Up ahead I saw an apple lying on the path. I stopped to pick it up but as soon as it was in my hands it started to rot and there were worms in it so I threw it down. I kept walking and then I saw a shiny bar of gold on the ground. I stopped to pick it up. But as soon as I picked it up the bar of gold became dust and blew away in the wind. I kept walking and up ahead I saw a book that was shining and levitating. It looked like it was alive. As I got closer to the book I realized it was the Bible. As soon as I touched it my clothing changed into beautiful garments and my walking stick became a large sword.

2016/2/15 - The Earthquake Tree

While in prayer I felt the room violently shake. The room shook so hard I had to look around and make sure it was not a real earthquake. I then saw a map of the USA. Then there was a giant crack in this map (from approximately the Great Lakes down to Louisiana). Out of the crack what appeared to be a tree started to grow. I thought it was a nice looking tree. It became very large and then I suddenly realized it was not a tree at all but a giant weed. The weed began to ensnare people as they got too close to it. Then I saw a golden square shaped city that was shining coming down from the heavens. It crushed the weed with great power and finality.

2016/2 - Pillars of Fire

I saw 7 pillars of fire in the front of the new church we were visiting. The flames grew tall so that the pillar was sky high. I saw someone trying to put out of the flames but could not do so because the fire was so hot.

2015/12 - Fire in the Back of the Church

I saw a fire burning in the back of the church. People scattered throughout the church got up to leave to go where the fire was. The pastor was upset and angry. (I thought this vision pertained to the church we were attending at that time but later it appears that it is more about the "church" at large than one particular church)

2015/10 - Jesus Cleaning House

It was almost midnight one night and I distinctly heard what sounded like my doorbell ring. I almost got up out of bed but to answer the door but then thought about the fact that it was so late. Then I didn't hear the doorbell ring again. I thought it was strange but then felt in my spirit that perhaps God was just trying to tell me something. I then saw myself go and "answer the door" in a vision. When I opened the door I saw Jesus holding a mop and a bucket and He had a warm smile. Then the vision ended. This was strange to me. I was not sure what Jesus was trying to tell me. I know I am not the greatest housekeeper so I felt that perhaps that was what He was trying to communicate and I needed to become more organized, but that didn't seem right. So I prayed whatever it was that the Holy Spirit wanted to clean out of my heart He would do.

Well, the next day at about 10 AM the doorbell did ring and the person on the other side was our former housekeeper that I had not seen for many years. She smiled warmly and then asked if I would be interested in hiring her to clean for me again. Now the vision then made much more sense to me. I would have certainly told her that we could not afford to bring her back if I had not had the vision because of our daughter just starting her first year at a private college. With the vision I knew that God desired for me to hire her and also that He would provide for us if I did so. But I do like to joke that I must be one of the worst housekeepers in the world if Jesus needed to come and rescue me!

2015/6 - Snakes in the Wheat

I saw wheat blowing in the wind. The wheat looked healthy and was glowing in the sun. But then I was able to see under the wheat. There were thousands of snakes hidden in the wheat. Then I saw a giant snake come and gobble up all the little snakes. The giant snake was large and now clearly visible and there was no longer any snakes left in the wheat.

2014/12 - Jesus Weeping in America

When I returned to the states I was very surprised to have a vision of Jesus weeping in our church. He was throwing ashes on his head. This led to some prayer and more insight and more visions about the state of the church in America.

I also had an additional vision about India. I saw the leaders of, Suresh and Christina Kumar. They were standing in front of the largest field of wheat I had ever seen. The amount of wheat became overwhelming and started to push them back and they had difficulty standing. But then giant machinery came from the sides and began to help them with the harvest. The Lord told me to share this and to remind them that the harvest belonged to Him and he would bring the support needed. I pray for more ways to help hold them up. It is a bountiful work going on there!

2014/11 - Visions in India

(While in India the Holy Spirit opened up visions once again to Marla)

I saw Jesus dancing with the women I was ministering to

I saw a pastor in India whisper and a giant monkey idol came crashing to the ground

I saw the lepers worshipping Jesus in a little hut were actually dressed in royal garments and the ladies on the team I was with were the ones wearing rags.

While visiting a group of elderly women and men in a home they offered to pray for us. While praying I saw the mightiest battle taking place in the heavens with their prayers.

1990/6 - Diving in the Water

I saw this young man run with passion to a clear smooth as glass ocean of water. He dove head first into this sea. He came up shining or glowing holding jewels in his hands. He smiled as he came up on the beach and handed them to those of us that were standing on the shore. We were so thankful for the jewels handed to us.

(This vision is much more profound now than it was then. In August of 2007 this same man, now a pastor, had an accident in which he was running and dove into the ocean head first, hit a hidden sandbar and was paralyzed. Miraculously he can walk now! God is using his story to bring hope to many!)

1990 - Purify and Unify

(Marla's first vision) It was dusk and I was walking down a city street and I was holding someone's hand. I was not cognizant of whose hand I was holding at that point. I was so intrigued with all the different buildings I was seeing. The entire street was lined with different shaped churches and cathedrals on both sides. They were all different shapes and sizes and many different denominations were represented from what I could observe. Some were large and some were small. I was enjoying the walk but was thinking it was strange that there were so many different kinds of churches. When I reached the end of the street I realized at that point that it was Jesus holding my hand. He then said, "turn around." I turned around and then was surprised by what I saw. All the churches had suddenly changed. They were now all identical in shape and size. They were pure white and each had a simple white cross on top. Jesus then said, "I am going to purify and unify my church."

1976 - Devil at my Door

(A dream Paul had as a child) I was asleep in bed at night when the doorbell rang. I went to the top of the stairs which looked down at the front door as my parents answered it.

It was a homeless man looking for food. My parents closed the door and went to the kitchen to get something. They were arguing but my mom said something about “helping angels unaware” and convinced my dad, who just wanted to call the cops on him.

When I had looked, I could see that there was something strange about him. Like there was a different spirit in the man and that the body was just a shell. Just then, the man opened the door and came in the house. He yelled to my parents, “It’s cold out here, if you don’t mind I’ll wait just inside the door.” He was standing at the bottom of the stairs now.

Looking at him, I could see that it was Satan that was using the man as a shell. He looked like the devil in the old game show, “The Joker’s Wild”. I told him, “You can’t be here.” He replied, “Who is going to make me leave?” I told him, “Jesus”.

He said, “I’ll tell you what. If you can quote me ONE verse from the Bible, I’ll leave.” I couldn’t think of a single verse. Now, I did know a couple verses, but it was like one of those dreams where you can’t run away fast enough. Finally, I woke up quoting John 3:16 and I felt full of the Holy Spirit. And I realized that I needed to read the Bible more often to defeat the power of the devil.