The Way It Is focuses on how to live a Christian life more intimately with God by studying the Word in order to have a more effective and deeper walk with Christ. Paul and Marla Reid have been involved in various ministries for over 25 years. Paul has a degree in Biblical Studies from Vanguard University where he met Marla and they have been involved in ministry ever since.


The Prophets


The best way to study modern prophecy is to look at Biblical prophecy.

Abraham, Part 1

Abraham was the first recorded prophet of God in the Bible. But he was far from perfect. What does that mean for us?

Abraham, Part 2

Abraham trusted God and it led to great things.


Balaam?!? Yes, Balaam. He prophesied correctly over Israel on 7 different occasions. But he finally let his greed get the best of him.

The Character of God


In today's broadcast, Paul and Marla begin their new series discussing the character and nature of God.


What truly is love? And what is God's love for us? And what does it really mean to love others?

Mystery Part 1

Why is mystery so important to God and why don't we understand this part of God's nature? Why don't we encourage people on a fulfilling journey of discovery of God?

Mystery Part 2

Paul and Marla continue talking about the importance of letting people discover God for themselves instead of boiling him down to a series of trite sayings.


God has a sense of humor. It's just difficult to see sometimes because we aren't reading the original languages.

Living Water Part 1

Throughout scripture from Genesis to Revelation, God uses the imagery of living water to describe himself.

Living Water Part 2

Paul and Marla continue to talk about Marla's visions and the imagery of living water throught the scriptures.


Paul and Marla talk about how God literally is light.


Paul and Marla talk about the virtues of rest. Jesus said his yoke is easy and his burden is light.


God is a God of peace and we should be peacemakers.


Do we dare to pray for patience? God is very patient because he wants all of us to come to repentance, even the worst of the worst.


One of God's characteristics is judgment, even if we don't like it very much.


God is a husband. Divorced from Israel, he has remarried the Church. What does this mean for modern-day Jews?


Jesus was pretty sarcastic. Are we sure that this isn't a godly way to communicate?

Servanthood Part 1

Jesus asked us to serve, instead of lording over our fellow man. What does this mean in the context of chruch leadership?

Servanthood Part 2

How much do we really consider ourselves God's slaves, who will do whatever the master asks?


Is anger a sin? No, because God gets angry. "In your anger, do not sin." How do we do this?


God is a jealous God. He is jealous of our time. He loves us and wants to spend time with us. What do we put in front of God in our lives?


God is creative and he has given us that ability as well. He loves it when we are creative and he wants to do that together with us.

Holiness Part 1

God is holy and wants us to be holy as well. But what does that look like?

Holiness Part 2

What is true holiness? Keeping ourselves from sin or truly seeking God?


God is our father. But he's not like your father. He's the only perfect father. But we're really bad kids sometimes.


Jesus said that we are no longer servants, but friends. How does it work to be the friend of God? Does this mean that we no longer have to serve him?


How important is forgiveness in our Christian walk? What happens if we don't forgive? What's the difference between forgiveness and tolerance?


God is King of the universe. Do we even know how to treat a king anymore?

Lord, Part 1

What is the difference between King and Lord? We discuss medieval lordship to try to find the answer.

Lord, Part 2

Is God really Lord of our life? How do we put him in his proper place?


God is kind. He was good to us when we were deep in our sin. Do we do the same for others?


Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Why is that so important to our interactions with him?


God is a miracle-working God. If we read the Bible, it's almost entirely about God doing miracles. If this is so central to his character, then why do many churches avoid them?


Are you tempted to take revenge for yourself? God says, "Vengeance is mine, I will repay." Does he? We have some amazing stories of times that he did.

Operating in the Gifts of the Spirit

Part 1 - Preparing Yourself

Paul and Marla talk about what the Gifts of the Spirit are and are not and how to prepare yourself to receive them.

Part 2 - Pray. Listen. Obey.

Paul and Marla talk about the key to operating in the Spiritual Gifts properly: Pray. Listen. Obey.

Part 3 - Listening to the Voice of God

Paul and Marla talk about the different ways that God speaks to us

Part 4 - Faith

Paul and Marla talk about what faith is and how to have faith

Part 5 - Faith and Words of Knowledge

Paul and Marla tell stories about the gift of faith and about words of knowledge at the local grocery store.

Part 6 - Words of Knowledge

Paul and Marla talk more about one of the most common gifts in our churches, Words of Knowledge

Part 7 - Words of Knowledge and Discernment

Paul and Marla finish Words of Knowledge and talk about how we can have more discernment in our Christian walks

Part 8 - Discernment

Paul and Marla talk about discernment; first how to discern using what you've learned from the scriptures and the character of God, and also the gift of discernment.

Part 9 - Tongues

Paul and Marla talk about all the ways that God uses the gift of tongues and why it more important than most people think

Part 10 - Interpretation

Paul and Marla talk about not only interpretation of tongues, but also of dreams and visions and prophecy

Part 11 - Prophecy

What is prophecy? What is prophecy not? Do you even want to be a prophet? In Part 11 of this series, Paul and Marla address "The Gift Of Prophecy."

Part 12 - Prophecy Part 2

There have always been Prophets of God as well as false prophets. What does that look like today? Join Paul and Marla for Part 2 of their discussion on Prophecy.

Part 13 - Healing

Why is it that God heals sometimes but other times He doesn't? Paul and Marla address this and other questions about healing.

Part 14 - Healing and Miracles

On this broadcast of The Way It Is, Paul and Marla continue their discussion on the topic of Healing and begin a new topic, Miracles.

Part 15 - Miracles

Paul and Marla conclude their discussion on the topic of Miracles in their broadcast today.

Part 16 - Conclusion

Paul and Marla conclude this series on Operating In The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit.

Harvest India

Journey to Breakthrough

Marla Reid guest stars on Elijah and Rose's show and talks about her missions trip to Harvest India.

Harvest India Evangelism

Paul and Marla are joined by our special guests, Dr. Suresh Kumar and Rev. Christina Kumar, the leaders of Harvest India.

Harvest India Humanitarian Ministries

Paul and Marla talk with Suresh and Christina Kumar about feeding the poor, orphanages, leper colonies, elderly ministries, universities, etc.